[Amazon Pick#13] Braun 790cc-4 Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

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Welcome to Amazon Pick  Episode 13

When it comes to Amazon Pick, we concern only about best most cost effective products.best electric shaver

In this episode we will tell present you the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.


We ensure that you will get the most valuable information and get to know what is the best electric shaver here.


Contents here are gathered and summarized from everywhere, and they should cover everything you need to know.


So let’s look into the products we are presenting to you first.

The best electric shaver for the price: Braun Series 7 790cc-4 – Click below

The competitor : Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5  – Click below


You can keep reading for detailed information and reviews.



About the best electric shaver

Most of the knowledge you need to choose the best electric shaver is here.

Why electric shaver?

There are 3 types of shaver, Electric shavers, Manual shavers and Dual-Edged shavers

Dual-Edged shavers and Manual shavers are the old style one and they don’t provide fast shaving speed.best electric shaver


Electric shavers  also don’t require special grooming items such as shaving cream, soap, gels or even water.


They are best for accurately shaving facial hair, beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

Shaving with an electric shaver could also reduce nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs. As others can’t do well.

And yes, Electric shavers are usually more expensive, but they usually come with long warranties.


So, in the longer term, Electric shavers are the best in term of cost effective.


Which type of Electric Shaver, Rotary or Foil?

To keep it short, usually electric foil shavers are the most recommended ones.best electric shaver


Rotary shavers are not very subtle and can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Foil shavers are also better at precise shaving and they are more gentle to your skin. They are also easier to clean.


The advantage of rotary shaver is you don’t need to shave in a straight line, you can just shave all around your face.


Price range of Electric shavers

Avoid the cheapest electric shavers, they will disappoint you in terms of quality and efficiency.

A high quality electric razor for men will last for a long time so it’s worth paying for that ‘quality’ up front.best electric shaver

Mostly high quality ones would cost you around $100~$200.


To conclude it, Electric shavers are safe, fast, durable and versatile.


How to know which one is the best budget electric shaver?

We consider Shaving Efficiency, Versatility, Safety, Features and Durability

Shaving Efficiency

We are looking for Electric shaving razors that are fast and close that need little effort, and are able to force hairs up before they are cut, so you will not have to go over the same area twice.


Able to adapt to shave any type of facial hair, from mustaches and beards to sideburns.

You should be able to use it anywhere you go with no shaving cream or other accessories.


The shaver should be gentle to your sensitive skin. No skin irritation shaver is needed.


We look at additional features from each electric shavers like shaving mode switching, being waterproof, etc.


The product should have at least 2 years warranty. It should work for longer than 5 years.


After the research and analysis, we concluded that best electric shaver for sensitive skin is Braun Series 7 790cc-4.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4

Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men

best electric shaver

Brief descriptions

  • World’s only 5-action, alcohol-based Clean and Charge Station hygienically cleans.
  • Features 3 different shaving modes for different facial features, from extra sensitive to intense.




Braun Series 7 790cc-4 on Amazon.com – Click below


We researched through the best electric shavers and concluded that this is just the best in term of cost efficiency.


Braun Series 7 790cc-4 specification analysis

Shaving Efficiencybest electric shaver

More efficient than any rotary shaver, can easily shave into difficult areas and on denser hair, shaves as close as 0.05 mm.

Compared to current price, this model is the best in term of shaving efficiency.


Except the fact that this model has no wet&dry convenient feature, with 4 shaving elements & Smart Shaver & 8-D Contour adaptation, it can shave almost every part of the body.


In term of safety and comfort, Braun Series has always been the winner brand since long ago.

With the Electric Foil Shaver type, you won’t feel anything when you shave no matter how fast you do.


Five shaving modes from Sensitive to Turbo according to your skin type and individual preferences.

LCD displays, 50 mins cordless shaving, and with the 4-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge station removes shaved stubble to clean the shaver hygienically. Plus, it automatically lubricates and charges your shaver.


With this price, we couldn’t find any products that have this many features.


Designed, engineered and made in Germany. Every customer reviews are very satisfied with it.


All questions about the product

Why it’s the best electric shaver?

It’s easy, because we researched and compared this product to others, and found that it’s the best.

Actually this product had it’s list price at $289.99 when it was firstly announced.best electric shaver

So you are buying a product at around half of the original price right now.


This one is probably the best electric shaver for under $200.

As we researched, there’s only Panasonic Arc5 that can compete with Braun Series 7 790cc-4 in term of cost efficiency in the price range of $150~$200.


If you want the Wet/Dry convenience with quality, go for Panasonic Arc5.


 Can African Americans use this shaver?best electric shaver

Yes, absolutely because this shaver will adapt to your face.


Can a woman use it on her legs?

Any gender, any part including legs, armpits, lady bits, etc. are fine.


Are there Wet/Dry convenience counterparts of this product?

Yes there are. That would be the other model but the overall performance is still top – Click here 


How do other websites think about Braun Series 7 790cc-4?

Many of them also choose this product to be the best electric shaver.

Never seen a website bash this product. Mostly positive.


As always, let’s move to the reviews process.

Next process : best electric shaver reviews.



Reviews from all around

Youtube Review


Consumerreports.org Review


Close Shave, Compact, Easy to Use, No Irritation, Quick Charging Time, Requires Few Strokes, Very Quick Shavebest electric shaver

Best Uses

Dry Use, Shaving, Trimming


I’ve had the System 7 for nearly 3 years and like it a lot.

The battery is amazing. I go weeks between charging it, because among other things, the shaver works very quickly.

I tend to favor foils like the Braun over rotary heads like the Norelco, but your mileage may vary!


Shaverguru.com Review

Rating : 9.6/10

You’ll be pleased with at how well the Braun Pulsonic performs.best electric shaver

Your purchase of the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System is going to be one of the best products you’ve gotten this year.


Your Braun shaver is made with quality, and with the proper performance and upkeep, it will provide you with a great shaving experience for several years ahead.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

We could see that this product has been top rated best electric shaver for around ~$160 for a while now.

There are almost to none reports about the quality of the product so far.

Customers who rated one stars had something to do with the customer supports, which rarely happens.

About the quality, most of the customers said that they get what they want and they are satisfied.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 is also proven to be very durable, since many customers say they have used it for 5+ years.


Review conclusion on Braun Series 7 790cc-4

Majority are satisfied with Braun Series 7 790cc-4 as it delivers exactly what they need.

Many review sites are also giving this product a solid rating, claiming that this one is the best.

Many people love the customer service, some don’t, and it’s natural.


By considering both the advantages and the limitations of this product, we still give it a high rating.


Best electric foil shaver : Braun Series 7 790cc-4



Now this part is for the ones who need the Wet/Dry convenience function in an electric shaver.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Men’s 5-Blade Cordless with Shave Sensor Technology

best electric shaver

At the cost under $200, you can have an electric shaver with Wet/Dry convenience feature, but the cost is also you won’t have a Clean&Charge station like the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 model.


Now let’s compare these models.

From above, we can say that Panasonic Arc 5 should perform better shaving speed, and it’s lighter and it also has Wet/Dry convenience feature. In term of comfort and safety, we’d say Braun model is a little bit better here.


Since both of them are already high quality products, it’s all up to you to decide.

Buy Panasonic Arc 5  when you need wet shave. It’s simple.


Product and review score: Click below

Techlicious.com Review

If you’re looking for the best shaver on the market, go for the new Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S.

It takes the winning technology of its predecessor and steps it up a notch.

The Braun Series 7 model 790cc and Panasonic ES-LV61-A are fine runner-ups


Bestrazorformen.net Review

Prosbest electric shaver
  • Easily one of the best Electric Shavers for sensitive skin
  • High Durability
  • Automatic Shaving Speed adjustment
  • Works perfectly for ingrown hair
  • Quick Charging
  • Easy cleaning mode
  • Big, bulky head
  • Slightly noisier as compared to other shavers

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S is a definite buy for all its premium quality features and technology.

Adding up the incredible shaving experience and the latest technology built in the product, it’s the winner.

The customer ratings of Amazon and the high critical acclaim it has garnered worldwide lay enough credentials to the ES-LV65-S for you to consider buying if you are OK with that costly tag.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

Firstly, we’d say ES-LV65-S  is one of the top rated best electric shaver to prevent ingrown hairs on Amazon.com.

Many people are satisfied with the Japan quality product. It’s easy and comfort to use.


Since the opening price for ES-LV65-S was around ~$400, some people bought it for $250 and they were not that satisfied with the price at that time.

Fortunately, the price keep going down and now we can consider it cheap compared to the quality.


Overall Conclusion

The best electric shaver for men and women under $200 is no doubt the Braun Series 7 790cc-4.

Most websites & customers would recommend it. And yes we researched for every shavers out there already.best electric shaver


Braun Series 7 790cc-4 wins in the term of cost effective due to it’s shaving quality and it’s durability.

Also it has so many features that you can’t find anything like this with such a low price from anywhere.


The only flaw of this model is it’s not Wet/Dry convenience, and you can choose Panasonic Arc5 instead.


About the reviews, we researched through every best electric shaver reviews.

Most of them said the same thing as us, so we are sure about their quality.


So the conclusion on the best electric shaver is still the same.

The best electric foil shaver is: Braun Series 7 790cc-4



What do you think about this best electric shaver review? Leave a comment below!

Which product is the best electric shaver for men for you?

Feel free to share your experience below.

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Have a nice day!

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