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Welcome to Amazon Pick  Episode 36best snow blower

In this episode we present to you the best snow blower for the money.

As always, we only introduce the best products with the best prices for you.


Read these reviews, and you won’t have to search for the best deals on snowblowers online anymore.

Information on how to choose a quality snow blower is provided below.

We researched for the information from everywhere, and they should cover everything you need to know.

We usually summarize everything first to save your time.

The best electric snow blower under $150 is: Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – Click below

The competitor: The best gas snow blower on Amazon: Briggs and Stratton 1696619 – Click below

You can keep reading for more detailed information and reviews.

What is the best snow blower to buy (Guide)

Information you need to know about quality snow blowers and how to make the best snow thrower purchase is here.


Benefits of using a snow blower

Removing snow with no effort

To clean the snow, you simply need to start the machine and steer it just like using a lawn mower. Nowadays, most snow blowers for home use are fairly compact and lightweight so it’s very easy to take them with you.best snow blower

Anyone can easily get the job done no matter how strong and how old they are. This makes snow cleaning easy and fun.

Less time consumption

You can remove the snow from all areas on your property very quickly. Among the best snow removal machines, they can easily remove as much as 650 pounds of snow in a minute. This means 2150 square feet in a single hour.

This is at least 3 times more time-efficient than not using a snow blower, so this is the best advantage of good snow blowers.

Cleanliness for your driveways

One of the best benefits snow blowers can give, they give you flawless driveways and walkways. A scraper bar at the front then scrapes the snow from the ground. The driveways and walkways will get dry very quickly after the snow is removed within minutes.

Easy snow control

The front part of the machine scoops the snow while the auger breaks it. Once the auger breaks the snow, it is blown throughout the chute. The best snow blowers for home use are powerful so the snow is blown some 20 to 30 feet away from the area that you are cleaning. You will never have to clean the same snow twice.


What are the best snow blower brands ?

Currently Snow Joe, Briggs and Stratton, Greenwork, Power Smart brands offer the best snow blower deals on Amazon.com and they are the most popular brand.


Stages types of snow blowers

Single-stage blowersTight Shot Snowblower in Action

Snow blowers are often lighter and easier to handle than two or three-stage models. These blowers are best for clearing mid-size areas with a snowfall of 8 inches or less, making them perfect for home use.

Since the auger makes contact with the surface, single-stage blowers are best for use on paved surfaces where they won’t pick up rocks or gravel.

Two-stage snow blowers

Most two-stage snow blowers are gas models capable of handling heavy snowfalls. These blowers are powerful enough to clear large areas with ease. They also have engine-driven wheels to better handle uneven terrain and reduce workload for the user. An auger first collects the snow and an impeller fan then discharges the snow through a chute.

Some models also provide skid shoes that elevate the auger slightly so you can use it on unpaved surfaces.

Three-stage snow blowers

This model is the most powerful for handling more snow in less time. Operationally similar to the two-stage model, the three-stage blower features an accelerator that moves 10 times faster than the augers to clear more heavy snow quicker than a two-stage model. This, however, comes with a much greater cost.


Electric vs Gas powered snow blowers

Electric types

Electric snow blowers are best for short, level driveways, decks, and walkways with snow levels less than 6 inches. Single-stage electrics are cheaper, lighter, quieter, and easier models to use. They will cost you around $100 ~ $400.

Gas types

Gas models are best for long, wide driveways with snow levels of up to 16 inches. Two-stage snow blowers are very good for clearing snow on gravel, since the auger doesn’t touch the ground. But the machines are more heavy and expensive compared to electric types.


TL;DR: Electric types are for smaller areas of cleaning up to 6 inches of snow height. They are cheaper, lighter and less noisy. If you want more powerful models you should consider buying a gas powered snow blower instead.


Where to buy the best snow blowers on the market with best price?

Amazon Pick offers products that are available on Amazon.com. You can buy snow blower there for the best price.


How to know which one is the best snow blower ?

When choosing what is the best snow blower cost, we consider Cleaning Performance, Safety, Features, Usability, Durability and Warranty.

Cleaning Performance

We will look for the best cleaning performance snow blowers for both mid-sized driveways and walkways and large-sized snow.

The clearing width should be large enough to support efficient cleaning and the motor should provide enough power to clean well.


Good snow blowers should be capable of cleaning various terrain types. For sloped terrains, you will need engine driven snow blowers.


The best snow blowers are provided with many features and we will take them into the consideration.

For gas snow blowers, an electric start and speed settings are must have features.


Your snow thrower should be light and easy to use. There should be no problem using it at all.

The maintenance should be easy. Also, it should be mobile and portable so you can take it anywhere.

Durability and Warranty

Best snow blowers can easily work for more than 3 years, so we will look for them through customer reviews.

You can expect at least 2 year warranty from the best snow blower brands.


After the research and analysis, we concluded that the best electric snow blower on the market is Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and the best two stage snow blower is Briggs and Stratton 1696619.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 18-Inch

13.5-AmpElectric Snow Thrower with Light

best snow blower

Brief descriptions

  • One of the best rated snow blowers on Amazon
  • Delivers the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit


Best snow blower price Amazon  : Click

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 specification analysis

Cleaning Performance

With the price under $150 Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 offers the best cleaning performance in this price range. Although it is being a single-stage electric snow blower, it can remove snows up to 10 inches height and it provides an ability to remove snow at the rate of 650 pounds per minute. Nowadays good electric snow blowers can do heavy-duty jobs without any problem and this model is one of them.best snow blower

This snow blower also has 18 inches clearing wide and it comes with 4 rotary blades which helps you make less effort to push forward to clean the snow. The engine is also very quiet compared to other models especially gas powered ones.

In short, for a very cheap price you get a high performance snow blower that can easily clean your driveways.


The scraper blade at the base of the unit efficiently scrapes the snow clear to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement surface. It also comes with a flashlight so you can use it at night or in dark places.


There are many features that come with this snow blower. The snow thrower’s scraper is designed to clear all the snow down to the pavement.

An adjustable discharge chute and a chute deflector that can be adjusted to control the height of the snow stream produced by the thrower help you to have a complete control over where the snow you move ends up.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621’s compact shape also makes storing the unit more convenient in between winter storms.

It also has start button technology, which is a standard feature among top snow blowers.


This product comes with pivot wheels and ergonomic grips that make it easy to turn and maneuver on each pass. Because this snow thrower is powered by electricity instead of gas, it is very easy to start and maintain.

The blower’s corded electric design eliminates problems caused by dead batteries, running out of gas, or making the right gas-oil mix.

Durability and Warranty

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is said to be a very durable model for it’s price. You can expect this snow thrower to last for a very long time compared to other models. It is also ETL Certificated which ensures you about the product’s durability.

They also provide you a 2 year warranty which is good for a single-stage electric snow blower.


All questions about the product

Why it’s the best electric snow blower for the price?

Because we researched and compared these cheap snow blower prices to others, and found that it’s just the best.

For under ~$200 Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is the best rated snow blower in term of cost effectiveness for us.

This product’s specifications are very good for it’s price and it’s even better than many more expensive ones.

We could see that this product’s customer rating is also very high in comparison to others.

The durability and warranty of this product are also nice. You can expect this snow blower to last for years.

The fact that it’s one of the best amazon snow blowers speaks for the quality itself.

So after we researched we concluded that Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is the only one which surpass the expectations.


Is the cord a hassle? Since the gas ones are so pricey. (From Amazon.com)

The cord is sometimes a hassle but if you hold it then fling it in the direction you want it to go it’s not too bad. Bigger issue is when it gets caught up on snow/ice but does not happen too often.


I want to use this to clear a path for the dogs in the back yard, will it chew up the grass?

The auger should have a rubber outer edge which will prevent chewing up the grass, especially if the ground is frozen.


How hard is it to push through 5 to 10 inch snow?

The snow joe is fine and easy at 5 inches. I have gone through ten inches with it but it will hurt your shoulder.


Can this unit be used to clear snow off of a wooden deck, will it damage the wood?

I use it on my deck every snowstorm, no issues.


Is it good among the best snow blowers for sale ?

For us, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is the best corded electric snow blower according to the research, and it’s the answer to which snow blower is the best.


How do other websites think about Snow Joe Ultra SJ621?

Many of them also choose Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 to be the best walk behind snow blower.best snow blower

This quality snow thrower exceeds every standard specifications and it comes with good features.

It offers the best cleaning performance, weight, features, and materials for the price that you can’t find any better deal anywhere. This model is said to be very safe and easy to use. It’s good for such an affordable price.

Also it is very durable and it comes with 2 year warranty. You can expect the small snow blower to last for a very long time.

Because of it’s completeness and affordable price, many websites out there will highly recommend this snow blower cleaner to you.

There are reviews from all around the internet below. You can easily read them to help with your consideration.


Next process : Best snow blowers reviews.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Reviews from all around

Youtube Review


Gardendad.com Review

Prosbest snow blower

  • 18 inch clearance width and 10 inch snow cut depth
  • Powerful 13.5 amp motor
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Convenient 20 watt halogen headlight
  • Competitive pricing


  • Large overall footprint
  • Heavy for it’s size
  • Leaves a thin layer of snow behind
  • Difficulties with heavy snow
  • Power cord

The Snow Joe SJ621 has one of the more competitive price tags for a machine of its size and ability, which will make it attractive to frugal readers. Compared to similar models, it is also one of the most powerful and can move more snow than many other snow blowers.


Mysnowblowerreviews.com Review


  • Compact and light
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Easy to start and to operate
  • Requires only basic care and maintenance


  • The electric cord which delivers power to the unit may get disconnected from time to time due to strong vibration
  • You may have to brush the light from time to time when using the machine as it may get covered with snow

Overall, this review concludes that the Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp electric snow thrower with headlight is a good choice. It is a small yet powerful unit which does a good job. It is versatile and convenient to use.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

Most of the customers love this amazon snowblower because it offers the best quality features with affordable price.

They also say that the product is highly durable, rich with features and worth the price for them.

By far this product is one of the top rated snow blowers on the market. It’s one of the best snow blowers on sale .

They will recommend this product to you. You can see this electric snow blower reviews by yourself.


Review conclusion on Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

The product is known to be the most cost effective amazon snow blower because of it’s quality and features.

If you look into any review sites you will find that many of them will recommend this one to you.

Even on Amazon.com this electric snow thrower receives very high customer ratings compared to other products.

Most electric snow thrower reviews are also giving this product a high rating, because we researched for the best.

Customers are also satisfied with Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and they say that it delivers exactly everything they need.

By considering both the advantages and the limitations of this product, we give it a very high rating.


Best snow blower amazon  : Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

We also researched for another best gas snow blowers for sale reviews and ratings if you want to buy a gas powered snow blower.

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage

Snow Thrower with 250cc Engine and Electric Start

best snow blower

The product from one of the best walk behind snow blowers. It offers a gas-powered snow blower with superior performance.

Exceeds every standard requirements for quality snow blowers just like Snow Joe Ultra SJ621.

Now let’s make a snow blower comparison table.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 VS Briggs and Stratton 1696619

Comparison of snow blowers

You can see that Briggs and Stratton 1696619 is more expensive than Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 because it’s a gas-powered type but it is also highly featured and it has much more cleaning capability than the first model.best snow blower

Also, you can see that for most of the engine specifications, Briggs and Stratton 1696619 wins the fight with much more Clearing Width and Snow Cut Depth values.

Being cordless means you can easily take it anywhere as you like, cleaning anything wherever you want to.

One of the nicest features Briggs and Stratton 1696619 can offer is the On-Panel Deflector Control feature. This makes it easier than ever to remove unwanted snow from your yard.

If you are looking for a powerful snow blower to clean any heavy-duty snow areas, this is the one for you . This product also receives many positive customer ratings, you can also expect this product to last for a long time.

Since both of them are already high quality products, it’s all up to your preference.


Best gas snow blower Amazon: Click below


Youtube Review


Chainsawjournal.com Review


  • They can be used on more surfaces
  • The machines are self-propelled
  • You’ll get more work done in less time
  • It will work in the harshest of conditions

If you’d like to banish those memories from your mind forever, you’ll need the help of a powerful snow blower this winter. This gas snow blower reviews is rating this product positive.


Tbreviews.com Review


  • Steel reversible skid shoes – These skid shoes enable the user to plow through snow much quickly
  • High durability – The steel frame, aluminum gearbox and the notched auger are stronge and long lasting
  • Impressive throwing distance – The machine has the capacity to dispose the snow up to 40 yards


  • Wide reach – The 27-inch width can be problematic when cleaning narrow pathways
  • Fuel wastage – The continuous use of gasoline contributes towards high costs and fuel wastage

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 has proved itself to be the best snow blower in the market. Whether you are used to cleaning your yard during winter or not, you will be able to handle this equipment without any hassle.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

If you are asking what is the best gas powered snow blower for the price, many customers here will say that it’s Briggs and Stratton 1696619.

People love this gas snow blower for it’s cleaning performance, mobility, features, and durability. Many of them say that this is just the best snow blower on Amazon. With more price, the product quality is flawless. It’s a high grade product.

This product is also one of the highest rated snow blowers for the money on Amazon.com.

Many best two stage snow blower reviews will support this product. We already researched for the best.

Overall Conclusion

The best small snow blower overall is no doubt Snow Joe Ultra SJ621. It’s perfect for anyone’s budget.

It’s also one of the best snow joe snow blower for sale and the brand is well known for it’s quality.best snow blower

If you want a quality snow blower that exceeds many standard features and great durability, this is the one.

You can’t find other products like this with such a price from Amazon, due to our research.

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 is the best alternative if you want more power and features for additional price.

It is the best residential snow blower under $1,000. The product is also the most up to date one.

About the reviews, we researched through every best snow blower reviews.

Most of them said the same thing as us, so we are sure about their quality.

After all, the conclusion on what pressure washer is the best is just the same.


The best snow joe electric snow blower Amazon is Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – Click below

The competitor: Another top rated snow blower on Amazon: Briggs and Stratton 1696619 – Click below

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Which product is the best snow blower for you?

Feel free to share your experience on your snow blower reviews below.

We keep improving our quality as the time goes, and if you are interested in our publishes, please subscribe below.


Have a nice day!

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