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Welcome to Amazon Pick  Episode 40best band saw

In this episode we present to you the best band saw for the money.

As always, we only introduce the best products with the best prices for you.


Read these reviews, and you won’t have to search for the best band saw deals online anymore.

Information on how to choose a quality band saw is provided below.

We researched for the information from everywhere, and they should cover everything you need to know.

We usually summarize everything first to save your time.

The best band saw under $300 is: DEWALT DWM120K – Click below

The competitor: The best cordless band saw on Amazon: Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 – Click below

You can keep reading for more detailed information and reviews.

What is the best bandsaw to buy (Guide)

Information you need to know about quality band saws and how to make the best band saw purchase are here.


How much should you pay for a band saw?best band saw

Woodworkers should place high priority on the bandsaw when it comes to the first set of machines. Professionals would suggest the bandsaw ought to come before the table saw, which usually gets top billing by most accounts.

A good band saw can rip surprisingly cleanly, especially with a carbide-tip blade, and crosscuts can be cleaned up accurately with hand plane shooting. When it comes to buying a band saw, the average price of a good quality bandsaw is anything between $200~$500. The best band saws in term of performance can cost you up to $1,000 with a stand if you want to use it for heavy-duty woodworking.

However, nowadays the market competition for band saw brands are high so we can buy an industrial band saw for cheaper than $300.


What are the best band saw brands ?

Currently DEWALT, Milwaukee, Grizzly, Jet brands offer top band saw deals on Amazon.com and they are the most popular brand.


Blade’s teeth per inch (TPI)

One of the most important measurements is teeth per inch or TPI for short. There are a variety of blade styles ranging from 6 to 24 TPI available for band saws. To put it short, the finer cut you need the more teeth you need on your blade.

So if you are cutting a curve into a thin piece of wood, you will need a blade that is narrow. For more coarse cuts, you’ll be using woodworking band saw blades with less teeth. In most of the cases you will need around 8 ~ 20 TPI for cutting woods.


Blade width and thickness for a band sawbest band saw

For most vertical band saws, you should be able to fit in a blade width ranging from as small as 1/8” to as big as ¾”, or even 1”. The smaller your blade width, the tighter it can turn while cutting curves. A 1/8” blade can cut out a circle with a radius of 3/16”. With a 1” blade width, that radius increases to 7”.

Blade thickness refers to the distance between the two flat sides of the blade. Thickness of blades should be determined based on the wheel size, and the work that is to be done. For wheels of diameter between 4 and 6 inches, we recommend a blade thickness of no more than 0.014”. Wheels between 6-8 inches gets a 0.018” thick blade. For a wheel sized in between 8-10”, the recommended blade thickness is 0.020”.

Thick blades can withstand more strain for straight cuts, but they don’t like to do curved cuts like bending or twisting. Thinner blades are recommended for softer wood or works that require a lot of tight curved cuts to be made.


How much band saw Surface Feet per Minute(SFPM) do you need?

Normally, you don’t need more than 0.75 HP in your drive motor, unless you plan on doing a lot of re-sawing and thick stock cutting. Anything between 0.5 and 0.75 is good for basic carpentry work, and that includes craftwork, resetting edges, creating veneers, etc.

Regardless of them type of steel you are working with, the saw blade speed can help you determine the right blade speed and cutting rate for your cutting operation. You will need between 100 ~ 300 SFPM for cutting most of the materials as the thicker the material size is, the lesser SFPM you will need to cut it cleanly.


Where to buy the best band saw on the market with best price?

Amazon Pick offers products that are available on Amazon.com. You can buy band saw there for the best price.


How to know which one is the best band saw ?

When choosing what is the best band saw, we consider Cutting Performance, Size, Features, Usability, Durability and Warranty.

Cutting Performance

Among the best band saws they would usually offer around 300 SFPM (1500 watts) blade speed to ensure a powerful cutting.

The motor should be powerful enough to cut thick hardwood and pressure-treated lumber, preferably metals.

A good band saw should provide a quick, accurate cut with ease and it should withstand any jobsite application.


The more cut capacity, the better because it will provide you more cutting capability of the band saw.

Standard blade thickness is around  .020″ so we are going to look for the band saws that offer this blade size.


Nowadays best band saws offer you an LED light to help the user see cut line in dark job-site environment.

Many good band saws are portable and you can use them anywhere within the reach of electricity.

A good band saw should also be capable of mounting a bench stand for more stability. More features are preferred.


The band saw should be easy to operate/use and maintain. It’s weight should not be too much for effortless cutting.

Durability and Warranty

Normally a good commercial band saw would easily last longer than 5 years and we will look for the best band saw in term of durability.

You can also expect at least 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. We will look for band saw reviews for the information.


After the research and analysis, we concluded that the best band saws for woodworking on the market is DEWALT DWM120K and the best portable band saw is Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12.



5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

best band saw

Brief descriptions

  • One of the best rated band saws on Amazon
  • Designed with controlled power to withstand any job-site application
  • Serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers allow guards to withstand jobsite abuse without damage


Best small bandsaw on Amazon  : Click

DEWALT DWM120K specification analysis

Cutting Performancebest band saw

DEWALT DWM120K offers you a powerful 10 A motor that allows you to make quick cuts without getting bogged down. The band saw can perform at speeds ranging from 100 to 350 sfpm with variable-speed control that allows you to select a proper speed for each application. With this band saw you can cut mild steel and aluminum such as angle iron, pipe, conduit, and rebar with ease. For the price under $300 this is the best budget bandsaw for cutting performance.


This saw offers you a 5-inch cut capacity when working with round stock and 5 by 4-3/4-inch capacity when working with rectangular stock. In this price range and for it’s being portable this is a great plus.


There are many features that DEWALT DWM120K offer to you at a considerably low price. The variable-speed dial enables you to adjust the speed for any tasks, an LED sight that indicates the cut line in the darker environments, an ergonomic grip options for more comfortable grip, an integrated hang hook that allows you to hang the saw without having to put it up and down , a serviceable steel shroud, and rubber bumpers that allow the saw’s guards to withstand job-site abuse.

This band saw’s accurate blade tracking adjustment also improves blade alignment and reduces wear, resulting in increased blade life, while dual bearing blade guide rollers increase durability in the blade support system for overall dependability. Overall, this product is rich with features that help you operate the band saw with ease.


Many customers said that this band saw is very lightweight and easy to use and it is also portable and versatile. The adjustable handle also has 3 positions for a comfortable grip and blades are easy to change out. The maintenance is also simple since this saw features externally replaceable brushes, which allow you to make quick repairs whenever and wherever you need to.

Durability and Warranty

The best band saws for sale most likely to work for more than 5 years after we read and analyzed the customer reviews. The band saw is strong and made of high quality materials and the manufacturer also offers you a 3 year warranty which is very good for the price under $300 and they also offer you a 90 day money back guarantee. This is the best cheap bandsaw feature you can get.


All questions about the product

Why it’s the best bandsaw for sale?

Because we researched and compared these top rated band saws prices to others, and found that it’s just the best.

For under ~$300 DEWALT DWM120K is the best rated band saw in term of cost effectiveness for us.

This product’s specifications are very good for it’s price and it’s even better than many more expensive ones.

We could see that this product’s customer rating is also very high in comparison to others.

The durability and warranty of this product are also very nice. You can expect this vertical metal cutting band saw to last for years.

The fact that it’s one of the best band saws on amazon speaks for the quality itself.

So after we researched we concluded that DEWALT DWM120K is the only one which surpass the expectations.


Is there a table available to convert this tool to a bench mount saw? (From Amazon.com)

I used the Swag off road kit. works good.


What’s the different between dewalt dwm120k 10amp vs dewalt dwm120?

The dwm120k comes with a hard plastic case, the dwm120 is just the tool.


best band saw

Can this saw cut 2 3/8 inch oil field pipe on 45 degrees for building farm gates or strait cuts for pipe corners?

You shouldn’t have a problem cutting the the pipe. I use mine to cut a 2″ load bar on a 8000 Thousand pound fork lift without a problem.


Can it cut aluminum and non ferrous metal, copper, etc?

It should readily cut through non ferrous metals like copper, brass, aluminum, etc.


Is it the best vertical band saw for sale  ?

For us, DEWALT DWM120K is the best metal cutting saw according to the research, and it’s the answer to which band saw is best.


How do other websites think about DEWALT DWM120K Professional?

Many of them also choose DEWALT DWM120K to be the best metal band saw.

This quality band saw exceeds every standard specifications and it comes with good features.

It offers the best cutting performance, size, features, and materials for the price that you can’t find any better deal anywhere. This model is said to be very safe and easy to use. It’s good for such an affordable price.

Also it is very durable and it comes with a great warranty. You can expect the amazon bandsaw to last for a very long time.

Because of it’s completeness and affordable price, many websites out there will highly recommend this woodworking band saw to you.

There are reviews from all around the internet below. You can easily read them to help with your consideration.


Next process : Best band saw reviews.

DEWALT DWM120K Reviews from all around

Youtube Review


Woodworkerspace.com Reviewbest band saw


The DWM120K model is packed with details that boost its dependability and ease of use. It is manufactured by one of the most well-known band saw brands, meaning that top quality is guaranteed. Considering it is a kit that contains extra bonuses, it has an affordable price tag.


Most likely due to the band saw’s load of features and efficient design, it is larger and heavier than portable band saws usually are. It weighs 23.8 pounds and it could take a while to get used to if you have used lighter band saws before.


DEWALT is renowned for manufacturing a wide selection of some of the best portable band saws on the market, and it certainly justifies its reputation with the reliable and popular DEWALT DWM120K model. With little flaws and a wide selection of features to get the job done sufficiently, there is not much else that could be done to improve the model and it is definitely worth the price.


Toolandgo.com Review


  • This is a sturdy and powerful saw
  • Variable speed range for the optimal performance – also easy to adjust and use
  • Lightweight which really helps combat user fatigue through sore arms
  • The LED light can be really useful
  • Great for cutting steel and wood – can handle stainless and ferrous steel


  • No trigger lock for continuous cutting – so wish they had added this
  • A few people said the case was poorly designed


I don’t think you will be too surprised that we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this DWM120K model. It really is a great product from a very good brand. As you can see from the reviews above this is a best selling product that truly ticks all the boxes.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

Most of the customers love this band saw amazon because it offers the best quality features with affordable price.

They also say that the product is highly durable, rich with features and worth the price for them.

By far this product is one of the top rated band saw on the market. It’s one of the best band saw sale.

They will recommend this product to you. You can see these metal cutting band saw reviews  by yourself.


Review conclusion on DEWALT DWM120K

The product is known to be the most cost effective best electric band saw amazon because of it’s quality and features.

If you look into any review sites you will find that many of them will recommend this one to you.

Even on Amazon.com this portable band saw receives very high customer ratings compared to other products.

Most portable band saw reviews are also giving this product a high rating, because we researched for the best.

Customers are also satisfied with DEWALT DWM120K and they say that it delivers exactly everything they need.

By considering both the advantages and the limitations of this product, we give it a very high rating.


Best mini band saw Amazon: DEWALT DWM120K

We also researched for another best wood band saw for sale reviews and ratings if you want to buy the best hand held band saw.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12

Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

The product from one of the best band saw ratings. It offers a less expensive portable band saw with a bit lesser performance.

Exceeds every standard requirements for quality band saws just like DEWALT DWM120K.

Now let’s make a band saw comparison table.

DEWALT DWM120K VS Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12

Comparison of band sawsbest band saw

After compare these band saws, you can see that DEWALT DWM120K is more expensive than Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 because it offers more motor power and features compared to this model.

Also, you can see that for the specifications, DEWALT DWM120K wins the race because it also offers more cut capacity and SFPM.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 is cordless so you can use the band saw anywhere as long as you have the battery.

One of the nicest features Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 can offer is the very long lasting warranty. The product comes with 5 year warranty which is very good for a power tool product as it ensures that you can use it for a long time.

If you are looking for the best metal cutting band saw under $200 for mild cutting, this is the one for you . This product also receives many positive customer ratings, you can also expect this product to last for a long time.

Since both of them are already high quality products, it’s all up to your preference.


Best compact band saw on Amazon: Click below


Youtube Review


Professional-power-tool-guide.com Review

We had a hard time finding something we didn’t like about this saw and while it does come with one XC battery, we would have liked to seen two batteries.  However I am sure this would have raised the price point.  Considering the battery charges in 30 minutes, it is not a huge deal to us.

One huge note is this saw is the only band saw on the market with a fully integrated lower guard that covers the blade outside the active cutting area.  This saw also meets OSHA requirements for one handed cutting.

This is another cool tool from Milwaukee.  It allows you to make your cuts quickly and accurate.  Couple this with Milwaukee’s other M12 tools and you can’t go wrong.


Protoolreviews.com Review

This new Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Band Saw is insane and has got to be one of the most attractive tools int eh M12 line. You don’t use a portable band saw until you need it – but once you need it, and use it, you’ll never figure out how you survived without one. The M12 looks to be the kind of tool that will allow just about anybody to experience a new level of metal cutting convenience. We’re looking forward to giving this tool a closer look.


Amazon.com Reviews – Click here

If you are asking what are the best band saw prices, many customers here will say that it’s Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12.

People love this cordless band saw for it’s considerable good cutting performance, size, features, and durability. Many of them say that this is just the best amazon band saw. With lower price, the product quality is flawless. It’s a high grade product.

This product is also one of the best band saws on sale on Amazon.com.

Many best band saw reviews will support this product. We already researched for the best.

Overall Conclusion

The best band saw overall is no doubt DEWALT DWM120K. It’s perfect for anyone’s budget.

It’s also one of the top rated band saws for sale and the brand is well known for it’s quality.

If you want a quality band saw that exceeds many standard features and great durability, this is the one.

You can’t find other products like this with such a price from Amazon, due to our research.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 is the best alternative if you want less horsepower and features for lower price.best band saw

It is the best band saw under $200. The product is also an up to date one.

About the reviews, we researched through every best portable band saw reviews.

Most of them said the same thing as us, so we are sure about their quality.

After all, the conclusion on what band saw is the best is just the same.


The best benchtop bandsaw Amazon  is DEWALT DWM120K – Click below

The competitor: Another best battery band saw on Amazon: Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 – Click below


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