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Welcome to Amazon Pick  Episode 5
best cordless power drill

Like always, amazon pick provides only best and quality products you will ever find.

You might have clicked into another website and seen already how unreadable most of the contents out there are.


And if you want to look for best cordless power drill, you are in the right place.


To summarize for quick answer, that best power drill is Dewalt DCD771C2 20V: – Click below

The competitor is DEWALT DCD791D2: – Click below


If you want to know why we choose this product to be the best cordless drill, you can keep reading.




About the compact drill drivers

best power drill


The cordless compact drill driver is by far the most popular portable power tool of all time, and it’s not going to lose that title anytime soon.


A cordless drill is a versatile tool designed to drill holes and drive screws.

Its keyless chuck accepts a wide variety of round- and hex-shank drill bits and screw-driving bits, as well as hole saws, rotary sanders, wire-wheel brushes, and other accessories.best power drill


All cordless drill drivers are also equipped with a slip clutch that allows you to adjust the amount of torque for precise, consistent screwdriving.


Drill drivers typically offer you two functions

  • Ability to drill holes into wood and metal
  • Ability to drive screws


When you choose a drill driver, pay attention to the battery supplied with the machine. The higher rated the Ah of the battery the longer the drill driver will run between charges. And the less charges you subject your battery to, the longer it’ll last.


How to consider for best compact drill driver

We mostly consider power, handles, clutch, and speed


For cordless drills, power is measured in battery voltage. Higher voltage means more torque-spinning strength to overcome resistance. Top-end voltage is around 18V but the range of models include 6, 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4, 18, and 20V. Today’s higher-voltage drills have enough power to bore big holes in framing lumber and flooring.


Before cordless drill drivers arrived, most drills had pistol grips, where the handle is behind the motor like the handle of a gun. But most of today’s cordless models are equipped with a T-handle: The handle base flares to prevent hand slippage and accommodate a battery. Because the battery is centered under the weight and bulk of the motor, a T-handle provides better overall balance, particularly in heavier drills.


An adjustable clutch is what separates electric drills from cordless drill/drivers. Why does a drill need a clutch? It gives you control so you don’t strip a screw or overdrive it once it’s snug. It also helps protect the motor when a lot of resistance is met in driving a screw or tightening a bolt.


The least expensive drills run at a single speed, but most have two fixed speeds: 300 rpm and 800 rpm. A slide switch or trigger lets you select high or low speed. These drills are ideal for most light-duty operations. The low speed is for driving screws, the high speed for drilling holes.


From the information above, you will see later why we choose Dewalt DCD771C2 20V to be our best power drill.


Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX

Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

best power drill

Product specification

You can get the best power drill here.


For now let’s analyze the product specification

The DEWALT DCD771C2 has a lightweight design with a high performance motor.best power drills


The high speed transmission delivers 2 speeds 0-450 RPMs and 0-1500 RPMs, which is 2 times compared to average 800 RPMs drill drivers.


The tools weighs 3.6 pounds and uses 20-Volt Lithium ion battery which also is the most voltage for compact drill drivers.


1/2″ Chuck while the average power drills have 3/8″ chuck.


We can almost say that this product is the best power drill driver among the best power drills themselves.


But with only these information we are not so sure about the product quality yet.

This leads to the next process : reviews. Let see what people think about this compact drill.


best power drills


Warranty information :  what is the best cordless drill


Reviews from all around

Youtube Review


Powerdrillcentral.com Review

While most of the customer feedback has been positive, a few complaints have been made about the charging system. There are temperature restrictions to recharge the batteries. Both the battery and charger should be between 65 and 75 F.best power drill


Dewalt DCD771C2 has proven to be a powerful battery-powered drill. It provides plenty of drilling and driving power.


The battery lasts a good amount of time. Further, with the fact that it comes with two rechargeable batteries. There is no worry about running out of power.

Positive comments have also been made for its compact, lightweight design. It weighs only 3.6 lbs. Many 18-20 V units out there are heavier than this drill.


Best-cordless-drill-reviews.com Review

many users consider the DCD771C2 drill kit to be the BEST CORDLESS DRILL.

best cordless power drill

The features are present in abundance, the usability is increased because of the extended kit that accompanies the drill and the powerful motor can drill and screw through metal, plastic and wood.

The design of the drill and the charging bed makes the operation easier.


So consider the DCD771C2 when you are thinking of purchasing a drill because it is the BEST POWER DRILL that you can buy in this price range.


Drilldrivervs.com Review


If you need a drill for occasional projects around the house, consider the DCD771C2 kit. It’s great for light-to-medium use. Anyone that has used a 12V or less cordless drill will find this one to be a serious upgrade.


Amazon.com Review

To see all Amazon.com reviews, click here


Review conclusion on DEWALT DCD771C2

DEWALT DCD771C2 is very cheap compared to it’s specifications.

If you want to find any best cordless power drill out there that meets this spec, you will need $200+.


Many review sites and customers say that this product is the best power drill you can have, which is true. With the product being the best #1 seller in compact drill category.


Positive reviews are mostly about effectiveness and battery life. Negative ones are from the package or the light which customers don’t know what is it for.


This is kind of what you should expect from #1 best seller product.


Check it out


Another top driller in consideration for best power drill



Li-Ion 0.5″ 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit


best power drill


Why DEWALT? because they’re the best.


Then what is the best cordless drill now?

Take a look at this table.


best drills


Dewalt DCD791D2 is a little bit lighter than Dewalt DCD771C2 but it’s size is bigger, that’s good because you will need a stable grip while you drill.


For no-brush model, they claim that it will increase run time up to 57% which is great.


With XRLithium Ion they said that it has 33% more capacity. And also 33% more speed transmission.


We can see that with more price, we get even better product here ( ~$200 ) but yes, you can choose on your own.
If you want a very strong cordless power drill, we recommend this one.



In case you are interested in DEWALT DCD791D2



Overall Conclusion

The best 20V cordless drill is actually DEWALT DCD791D2 but the best power drill that is also very cost-efficient is Dewalt DCD771C2 which you can afford it with ease.


If you want maximum efficiency and you have a good amount of budget, go for DEWALT DCD791D2. 


If you don’t need that much horsepower you may just go for the other option.


As for the reviews we can see that both of them has very good ratings among the customers and they are very satisfied with the product.best power drills


Dewalt DCD771C2 is the best seller among best power drills, but it has been released before DEWALT DCD791D2, so maybe it’s just a matter of time before change of the trend.


Dewalt is also considered the best power drill brand.


Buy now!




What do you think about this product? Leave a comment below!

Is Dewalt DCD771C2 the best power drill for you?


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