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amazon pickBest espresso machine 

Hello and welcome to Amazon Pick  Episode 7

We are very exited to announce this product because as always, Amazon picks offers only top quality products.best espresso machine


As we are currently sticking to household product reviews, the next product will take one step nearer to the kitchen.


And since you entered our website, that means you might be done with the contents about which one is the best espresso machine and all the answers  were about only expensive coffee makers which will cost you more than $1000.


So after we reviewed these websites, we decided to make a coffee maker review by ourselves.

First, as always, let’s summarize it. The best coffee espresso machine is Gourmia GCM5100 – Click below


This is the best espresso machine under $200 and there are many reasons supporting this fact.

Best with Nespresso Variety Pack for OriginalLine – See below


Yet Gourmia GCM5100 is currently in the top 50 best sellers in Espresso Machine & Coffeemaker Combos.


Keep reading, you won’t be disappointed!



About the coffee maker and espresso machines

Coffee has become a daily ritual for many people. Thanks to technologies it is now easy to make fresh coffee.

A coffee maker is an electric countertop appliance that brews hot coffee automatically.


There are 3 machine systems among coffee machines

Manual Coffee Machinesbest espresso machine

The traditional machine has many options available for you.

However, all manual coffee machines use method of creating water pressure and forcing the water through tightly packed coffee in the handle.

Manual machines are perfect for anyone who want to make their own taste.

Normally costs around $200~$2000.


Automatic Coffee Machines

Automatic machines are the ultimate in-home coffee makers.best espresso machine

It takes care of the entire coffee-making process, from grinding to brewing and frothing the milk.

Some machines have option to make cappuccinos at the touch of a button.

They are perfect for anyone wanting their ideal coffee at the press of a button, as they make coffees quickly.

An automatic coffee machines are normally cost around $1000~$4000.


Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule Coffee Machines are the latest advancement in the coffee machine production.best espresso machine

It also automatically serve your coffee with the amount you adjusted.


It’s as easy as dropping the capsule in and selecting a particular button, resulting in a perfect espresso every time.


These machines are great for those busy people that are constantly on the run.

Normally costs around $200~$800.


Some coffee makers are not designed to make espresso, some of them are.


Which type is the best espresso machine under $200?

Now this is a good question. Firstly, we exclude the Automatic Coffee Machines since they are very expensive.


After that we did researches for the best Manual Coffee Machines and the best Capsule Coffee Machines, then we compared these two, and we got a conclusion.best espresso machine


Most ( if not all ) of the Manual Coffee Machines under $200 are made from low quality materials and we could see complaints from many customers.



You just get what you pay for, and it would be better if you buy the quality from the start.


And since we found this product, we are sure that Gourmia GCM5100 has far more quality than most Manual Coffee Machines that cost below $200.


Things we considered when we buy espresso machine

To know the overall quality of a product, we need to know about it’s specifications includes



Good coffee machines should deliver the exact taste from the capsule and leave no ingredient in the capsule cup.

Also it should have a digital display to adjust the quantity and strength of the coffee.


Everyone prefers a machine that is easy to use.


One of the main problems with most Capsule Coffee Machines is,

most machines are designed just to brew coffee and espresso from a specific pod.

Another problem is those machines can usually serve for only one cup size.

Material Quality & Durability

The product should last for a long time and have the same quality over time.


From this standard, finding the best espresso coffee maker was a bit hard for us, but we finally found it.


Now it’s time for the introduction of the best home espresso machine : Gourmia GCM5100



Gourmia GCM5100

One Touch K-Cup & Espresso Capsule Coffee Machine


best espresso machine
best espresso machine



Brief description :

  • Compatible With Nespresso and K-Cup & More
  • Adjustable Temperature & Size, Digital Display


Nespresso and K-Cup are world leaders in coffee capsules.


So this product can make coffee and espresso from any popular brand cups, capsules, and pods, which is good.



Gourmia GCM5100 on Amazon.com

Capsule Coffee Machine is good for home espresso machine because you will always get quality coffee every time.best espresso machine


According to our research, we acknowledged that standard pressure for making an espresso is around 9 bar.


But as the bar level increase, the coffee will have better taste until you reach 15 bar, other than that it will not make any difference.


Anyway we know that this machine has a high standard for brewing espresso.



Most popular capsule cups are compatible with this machine.best espresso machine


World’s First Coffee Maker to Brew K-Cups and Espresso Capsule


The thing we like the most about this product is it’s really adaptive.

Many products out there can only serve espresso for an espresso shot glass, but Gourmia GCM100 was made for many cup sizes.


best espresso machine


About the durability and functionality, we can see that this product is ETL Listed which will help us confirm the quality.


Best espresso maker?

With these information, we choose this product to be the best coffee and espresso maker under $200.


Product price among best espresso machines would cost more than $500 as you can see many reviews out there.


And as always, only information are not enough for us, we will see some product reviews.

Next process : best coffee maker reviews


Warranty : Flexible


Reviews from all around

Youtube Review

*There is no Milk Frother in Gourmia GCM5100, but Gourmia GCM5100 is $50 cheaper.



  • First and only single-serve coffee machine that gives you the freedom to brew any of your favorite cup or capsule brands
  • Compatible with the most popular brands
  • Uses an interchangeable “CoffeeCart” system that makes using virtually all popular cups and espresso capsules as easy as removing one brand’s cartridge mount and popping in another
  • Unit automatically adjusts bar pressure and other elements according to the type of cup or capsule being used
  • Adjustable base accepts any cup size from espresso through travel mugs


Amazon.com Reviews – Click Herebest espresso machine

Although there aren’t so many customer reviews right now, buyers are still mostly satisfied with the product.

The current top reviewer said something about the product being a clever coffee maker which can host all the different pods and works like a charm.


Amazon customer video review : Click Here



Review conclusion on Gourmia GCM5100

Since this product has been released to Amazon.com on October 30, 2016, there are not much reviews yet but we can clearly see how satisfied customers are.


We can see that Daniel Green, which is fairly famous chef, recommend this product.


And we could see almost none negative review on this product at this moment.

You can try reading reviews from only Amazon.com alone and you will have the same conclusion as us.


We are pretty certain that soon this product will rank higher among best espresso makers as time passes.


For us, this is the best espresso machine!

Gourmia GCM5100 One Touch K-Cup & Espresso Capsule Coffee Machine, Digital Display


Competitor product and comparison

For this episode, we are sorry that we couldn’t find any product that comes up with these features.

best espresso machine

We think there is no match for Gourmia GCM5100 if you are looking for the best home espresso machine under $200.


Other products mostly don’t have that much quality, because of budget reasons.

Usually we will see some user reviews about how they used those products and It’s broken in a month.


There are some products out there that have lower price and could be a match for some features, but in overall they’re still not as cost efficient as this one.


So we think that there is no challenge in this episode!



Overall Conclusion

We would say that the best espresso machine and the best coffee machine under $200 are the same machine.

This machine is Gourmia GCM5100 and from our research, there is no contest.


The only reason you would not buy this product is you don’t like Capsule Coffee Machines at all and you really want to make them manually.

Other than that, we would recommend this product.

About the review we can see that almost everyone says the same thing that this is a high quality product.


Best espresso machine : Gourmia GCM5000R & Gourmia GCM5100


We hope that this coffee maker review will help you choose the best product.




What do you think about this coffee maker reviews? Leave a comment below!

Which product is the best buy espresso machine for you?


Feel free to share your experience below, we will be appreciated.

We keep improving our quality as the time goes, and if you are interested in our publishes, please subscribe below.


We hope this product is also the best espresso machine for you.

Have a nice day!

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